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Brooke A
Dec 20, 2015
Casey was fantastic! I really needed a massage that day and she did not disappoint. Nice, different approach working on the front first, then the back. Thanks
Customer since February 2011

Kate F
Dec 12, 2015
Best Massage Ever!!
I’ve seen Jessica three times now and every time I am more and more pleased with her work! I moved out of the neighborhood and now take the Max and a bus to be able to get to see her and it’s totally worth the trip!
Customer since September 2015

Dec 2, 2015
Absolutely the best
Jessica has been an essential part of my injury recovery. Truly gifted and skilled, she knows what she is doing! She is great about working to resolve the roots of a problem, and strategizing with you to get the most out of the massage (figuring out stretches and things you can do on your own to maximize the benefit.) I am now one of those people who won’t stop talking about their massage therapist! Jessica is responsive, respectful, supportive and positive. I am so glad to have found her!
Customer since March 2015

Richard Larson
Sep 25, 2015
It’s all good here
Best massage and relaxation ever! I love this place for a much needed break from a hectic world. The table itself is the most comfortable I’ve experienced. It must be down filled or something. Give them a try, you will enjoy every minute. Relax….
Customer since February 2011

Patty W
Aug 22, 2015
No pain, all gain
Went to Jessica with a weird headache yesterday. She diagnosed a cause and gave a great massage. Woke up pain free the next day. Have been going to her for years and it’s always fantastic.
Customer since March 2009 

hadley k
Aug 9, 2015
Fantastic massage and advice
Jessica gave me an amazing massage focusing on my lower back issues but also paying attention to my whole body and alignment issues. Afterwards she filled me in on some aspects of my body and alignment that I didn’t even realize, and gave me tips on how to try to correct these problems. My lower back pain was virtually non-existent the next day! The space is beautiful and calming. All together the perfect experience!
Customer since July 2015

A Fusion Regular
Aug 5, 2015
Nori shines!
How on earth can a massage be so subtle, yet deep? So quiet and moving? So technical, yet perfectly intuitive? Nori is my favorite. Wish I could afford a weekly session…
Customer since February 2010

Cindy S
Jul 14, 2015
Professional, relaxing.
Caley did a great job! She gave me a full-body deep muscle massage. She was very professional, thorough and friendly.
Customer since June 2015

OB OBrien
Mar 16, 2015
Jessica is awesome
I have been going to Jess for years and her strength and knowledge have kept what was diagnosed as a disc bulge by an MRI from becoming anything more. Her deep tissue work is second to none and the syptoms i have related to this injury have been kept at bay by regular monthly 2 hour sessions.
Customer since July 2011

Jun 21, 2015
Nori amazes yet again!
Nori is back and better than ever!!! It’s been 6 months since I’ve had a session with this amazing therapist (she was on maternity leave) and Oh My Gosh… How did I make is so long without her?!? She *fixed* in one hour a neck/jaw issued I’d had for two weeks. happy, happy me. Going back next week for the sheer pleasure of it.
Customer since February 2010

Ariel T
Sep 27, 2013
I have never had a bad experience here. Just went to see Nori for the first time, and have been to see Jessica before. Both women make me feel comfortable and accepted, and that’s before the massage even starts. I’d recommend them to others, and go back whenever finances allow.
Customer since March 2012

Elizabeth Weatherly
Jan 22, 2015
Second MVA
I returned back to this Massage place cause the atmosphere is great and so are the ladies. They are great to make the setting and massage right for the purpose.
Customer since December 2013

Jan 21, 2015
michael amazed fellow LMT
I’m a massage therapist and that makes me rather hard to impress when it comes to massage. Michael has set the bar for deep work. He is technically amazing, has highly refined palpation skills. and he makes changes, and I need that. I have received two sessions from him and will absolutely be back. If you like deep structural work, he is your practitioner.
Customer since February 2010

Christina Y
Nov 5, 2014
always a blessing
I have nothing but gratitude for Jessica, not only am I able to smile and move my body freely today after an amazing appointment yesterday! I am also headache free for the first time in three months! This woman is beyond gifted! Thank you for everything you have done for my body and mind!!!! You are truly a blessing!
Customer since July 2011

Mona Johnson
Oct 23, 2013
Beyond Bodywork
It was my first visit with Nori but it won’t be my last. I found her to have a very intuitive and healing touch. The environment she fosters is one of nurturing and acceptance and her technique is both intense and relaxing at the same time. Thanks for the great massage, Nori!
Customer since October 2013

Natalie P
Sep 7, 2012
Sports Therapy
One of these days I’m going to treat myself to a massage with Jessica when I am not injured, because I’m sure a relaxing hour on the table would be awesome. As it stands, she is becoming expert at fixing me after I break myself. This time it was a neck injury from white water rafting, last time my shoulder… both times I walked away with increased range of movement and less pain. Thanks, Jessica — you’re amazing!
Customer since November 2011

Imma Lou T
Feb 21, 2013
Therapeutic Massage: Best Thing I’ve Done for Myself All Year
I have chronic pain from various accidents, and need deep tissue work. When I tell Nori what I need, she always really listens, and her regard for my body is reverent and highly attuned. I feel like she collaborates with my body to accomplish intensive work. She is the first massage therapist I’ve visited who can work really deeply without leaving me sore the next day. Go for the 90 minutes. That extra half hour makes a huge difference, and you won’t want her to stop after an hour anyway!
Customer since November 2012

Brennon Moore
Jan 23, 2012
An amazing experience!!!
The combination of aroma, heat and deep tissue massage was amazing!!! I walked right into the session after driving from Eugene and fell right into a slice of heaven! I would recommend anyone to experience this 90-minute treat with Jess at the helm!!!
Customer since December 2011

Roberto N
Jul 18, 2011
Casey did an AWESOME massage and focused on my neck and shoulders beautifully. Enough pressure at the right places. She definitely read my body well and fine-tuned to it. Looking forward to my next appt!!
Customer since July 2011