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Fusion Bodyworks is a local, practitioner owned wellness studio in Portland Oregon, working with nearly 20 years of collective experience in massage and bodywork. We specialize in results oriented massage therapy with sessions individually designed to meet your specific needs.

Fusion Bodyworks

Fusion Bodyworks PDX is committed to community health. 

Now, more than ever, people are in need of supportive, therapeutic touch. We are here for you. 

We have adopted all of the guidelines issued by the Oregon Health Authority. We thought it might give you peace of mind to learn some of the steps we are taking to protect our staff and patrons. 

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Contact all clients prior to appointment and ask specific questions regarding their health and exposure risk to the virus. If they have any flagged symptoms, they are rescheduled before they enter the clinic.
  • We are currently bypassing having clients in the lobby before appointments. A few minutes before your session your therapist will walk down to the outside entrance to walk you upstairs. 
  • Each client must wear a mask into the building and will have face coverings in place for the massage session. 
  • Practitioners will have a mask on for the entire length of the appointment.
  • Each client washes their hands before entering the treatment space. 
  • We have switched to being a paperless office, so client intake forms will be done from their personal device prior to the appointment. 
  • Practitioners will wear a clean smock or apron for each appointment.  
  • All surfaces will be disinfected, including door handles, massage tables, and tools between each service using EPA registered disinfectant. 

These are some, but not all, of the precautions we are taking to stop the community spread of COVID-19. We are taking all necessary and advisable precautions, and having our clients take all necessary precautions, but we simply can not guarantee that if you come to an appointment you will be 100% protected from the virus. If you are willing to abide by the protective measures, you are welcome to come to receive a massage with us. We look forward to being an important part of your self-care and wellness. 

Fusion PDX

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